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creatively, from the "LAMA" acronym. Its key
educational mission is one of  producing 
benefitial public services,  with emphasis on 
LOUIE  LlAMA's(R) belief that, Drug 
Prevention Beats Drug Addiction for kids 
growing up in America. Please  check out his
PSA on  youTube.
 The I.R.S. approved  Language  Americas 
Association  in 1967,  and  reaffirmed  it  
in 2007.  
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               H I S T O R Y 
Language AMericas Association  (LAMA)  was founded in 1967 by  
a group of high-minded, caring and  very happy graduates of  The Johns 
Hopkins School of Advanced International Studies (SAIS), with  the  
support  from other universities within  the Washington, D.C., area. It was  
unique in many respects as a media-oriented association.The participants
were part-timers as well as unpaid volunteers.That aspect of its uniqueness
did not last long.Those dedicated grads -- with earned MAs in their mits   
soon departed: to work on  doctrates, or to take  full time jobs to earn a
living and start a family. Who can blame them?

Language Americas, as a  media-oriented  association, was  special,
unique, AS AN ALL VOLUNTEER ASSOCIATION.  It flourished  over
the years.with caring and  dedicated  volunteers. Its  survival was assured 
with out-of-pocket  donations, pro bono services -- but no paid staff
 or perks. The media association's multifold missions were:

1. To encourage public interest in foreign language study, which was
     at a low point with the general public. We arranged  with our associate, 
     SuperAmerican Books,TM to publish works in different foreign languages,
     e.g., Spanish, French, and Portuguese, and some Japanese. And hoped
     it would  be a step forward.       

2.  To publish a multilingual quarterly titled, The Inter-American Scene, 
     dealing with U.S.-- Latin American Affairs. It was a tough job -- writing 
     and acquiring political, economic, and  social articles, and having them 
     translated into several  foreign languages. Many of the translations weree
     made on a pro bono basis. And doing whatever each  quarter to  raise 
     dollars to publish The InterAmerican Scene. Not recommended for the 
     faint of heart.          

3.  To  evolve...and publish, starting about 1982,  LAMA's
      Sports and Travel Calendars.
 This evolution was made possible by 
      creating a trio of  fun-loving cartoonish, intellectual properties starring: 
      Lama the Llama, Don Diego Valdera, and Sacha. These  brand  name 
      characters were  displayed  in the calendars in enjoyable sports and 
      trazvel scenarios. Development  was first rate, but our marketing  

The Llama Family in America 

In fundamental ways, the Association placed emphasis  
on boosting the self-esteem of children to read -- in Englsih or
in Spanish -- and to motivate them to stay drug-and smoke-free.
The read-in activities were carried out at schools and at  book
fairs, starring Louie Llama, in costume, using his own  reader.    
The bilingual reader was published in 1997 by SuperAmerican
Books and titled,
Louie Llama, the Beanstalk, and the Magic
  Copies were submitted to and approved  by the California 
Department of Education in 1998 as a supplemental reader.

Language Americas/SuperAmerican Books, however, did not  
market the reader  to the many  school districts in California to   
earn dollars, as they should have.They focused, instead, on Louie
Llama's anti-drug program for school kids.
It's timely, still, to 
market his bilingual reader to California school districts, among
others... Click 
LOUIE LLAMA for a visit.


    The Su
s (R)

This, unlikely, but lovable trio of characters:  Lama the Llama,
Don  Diego Valdera, and  Sacha, soon  found themselves  published, 
in 1992, in a Sci-Fi, reality-based story by SuperAmerican Books. It was
Something Beautiful Came To Earth:The Angel-Bird Legend,
and the author, Donald E. Olliff Black

The setting was Colombia, S.A.  In the story, three strangers meet, 
become  friends, and  find themselves fighting to save the Spiritual 
existence of the Guardian of all Goodness in the Universe, from a demon --
Supreme Evil,  who  vowed to destroy Her. 

From a hidden lair deep in the Northern Andes of Colombia, S.A., the 
(immaculate) Guardian  of all Goodness summoned Her battered heroes, 
then  healed their bleeding and broken  bones. She had plans for them -- as  
they had proven their worth. Now...appearing beautiful,  even  
ephemeral -- naked  in a  soft  light -- the threesome, "I
designate you to be,
The SuperAmericans."  Goodness, then, bestowed 
 powers on  Her  heroes to provide protection  against Supreme
  future attacks.
 Please  click
The SuperAmeicans  for a visit. 

Another fun part of this powerful story: The U.S. had assigned  a nmber of 
agents from  the DEA, FBI, and CIA to Colombia, S.A. Their mission: to 
conduct a surveillance operation of a major drug cartel.  The surveillance 
was successful  until a trio of weird characters, unwirttingly, interfered  with
the work at the cartel's  drug lab. Washington, on learning that there's a problem, 
ordered its agents to capture characters. Meanwhile, the drug cartel had already
sent an enforcement  team to find and kill them. It seems that  these weird
characters -- The SuperAmericans -- had been seen by some  of the workers
at the lab, and they were quite superstitious, scared, they  ran  away. This  loss
of workers caused a major disruption in cocaine production. 

This is a fun story. It's got more twists than you can imagine The SuperAmericans
have  U.S. agents looking for them. An enforcement team has orders to  kill them.
And  the universal guy, Supreme Evil,  has  vowed  revenge. 
The chase is on..